Slim 36 kilos with Figuactiv diet program

LR partner Emiliano Toscani has lost 36 kilos thanks to Figuactiv diet program, based on shakes, soups and bars. Read his experience here.

This is his story:

"On June 1st, 2013 I asked myself the challenge of loss weight, not only for aesthetic, but also for health.
The first thing you need is to be motivated and then find the diet that can help you. I had begun testing LR products and heard in seminars the benefits of the Figuactiv diet program, so I decided to try it. I consumed the shakes, soups and bars.

I started the weight loss plan as suggested in the Figuactiv manual diet and supplementing it from the outset with supervised exercise. The first few weeks were difficult, but my self belief and the fact that the sticks filled, allowed me to follow the diet anywhere, helped me not to giving up.

During the diet I was asking me to control my health analysis and values ??always they went well, which encouraged me.
I startes the first four months in  very strictly way. Then I began to make some whim once a week. Also, I've gone twice on vacation during this time, but I also had bars to replace a meal.

I prefer bars for meals and soups for dinner. For variety i used to cooked vegetables with soup: broccoli type, carrot, etc ..."


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Started diet weighing 116 kilograms, now weighing 80 kg ... I lost 36kg!

I encourage everyone who is thinking about starting a diet, to psych up first and then follow the Figuactiv weight loss plan combined with exercising.They will see the results by themselves !

From: LR-Magazine, Abril 2014

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