Business Model

LRis one of theleadingdirect sellingcompaniesin Europe.Over 300,000independent partnersworldwideenjoyattractiveextra income withLR.Find out aboutthe industryand benefits withLR .


As a distributoryou havethe opportunity torealize the full potentialof the companyLR.The maingoal is to becomeself-employedwithLR.


The three rules for success in LR

There are three rules which if followed with consistency and discipline, there is only one result called SUCCESS!

  • Sale of Products: for win instant money

  • Register your business partners: to grow rapidly

  • Teach the people on your team to do the same to you! Thus duplication happens!

Direct sales

Inventasdirectas,our independentpartners sellLRproducts.Customersbenefit fromindividual counselingandpartners benefit fromhighly attractiveextraincome.


InLRyou can buyproductswithGerman quality standard, make moneyselling theseand have the opportunityto becomefinancially independent.


Together with ourhigh quality productsandextra remunerationsystem,offerother advantagesto registeredpartnersLR.





Download here the LR-World business presentation

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