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Absolutely private

Bruce Willis Personal Edition a fragrance for men with charisma, confidence and sophistication.

bruce-44Bruce Willis - Personal Edition

Citrus fruits and black peppers provide for a stimulating contact and with aromatic notes and a fine hint of tobacco creating an unmistakeably masculine and elegant impression. The strong base of sensuous
leather accords and precious oud wood give this fragrance it own unique signature and private reflections from Bruce Willis. 

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A breath of immortality

Smart Guys live forever – just like Bruce Willis. Straight down the line, masculine and unconventional. The fragrance of action heroes: strong sandalwood and spicy pepper mixed together with earthy vetiver and revitalising grapefruit. Bruce Willis‘ first fragrance – now a legend.



Adrenalin Kick

A thrilling, dynamic fragrance for men who love a challenge and are constantly redefining the definition of success! The fragrance convincingly delivers the zest of orange, spice of cardamon, seduction of  jasmine and the strength of cedarwood.




The freedom of the Adventurer

A wild, independent life. Every day is a new adventure. The fragrance captivates a mix of lavender, green mint and oriental tonka beans.



The future is always your time

Distinguish, mysterious and uncompromising. The fragrance leaves a confident masculine impression  and timeless notes of fresh bergamot, citrus and  amber.




For the man of the world

New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo – the man of today is at home all over the world. This is also reflected by his perfume: elegant, casual, sensual, cool. The perfect combination of citric bergamot,  chocolate, Szechuan pepper and elegantly masculine vetiver.




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